Health Tips – we have 2 simple tips


Tip #1:  Read & Research every ingredient list; your body will thank you for it! By the way, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, skip products with it — it’s probably not good for you!


Tip #2: Use products that offer ingredients that come with benefits. Otherwise, the alternative offer a mixed bag of chemical soup which is a big NO-NO for our products! Okay…Here’s our list of ingredients with benefits because we’re totally obsessed about ingredients with benefits.


Yucca Extract – thickens hair and prevent baldness

Grapeseed Extract – stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth

Pine Bark Extract –  increase circulation (powerful antioxidants)

Witch Hazel Bark Extract – balances hydration and provide shine, antimicrobial

Colloidal Silver – stimulation of natural cell regrowth and natural preservative

Avocado Oil – moisturizing, stimulate hair and cell growth; proteins, amino acids and Vitamins A, D, and E

Aniseed Oil – regrow and repair damaged hair, relieve dandruff and scalp infections

Jojoba Oil – stimulate scalp

Lavender Oil – controls hair breakage

Rosemary Oil – stimulates hair follicles, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

Peppermint Oil – stimulate and rejuvenates skin and scalp,

MSM – softens hair and skin (natural sulphur)

L-Lysine – stops hair loss and stimulate growth

Nettle Leaf – hair growth and strength

Horsetail Grass – shine and moisture (silica)

Sunflower Lecithin – powerful antioxidant

Agar – comes from fruits; emulsifier, hair softening and moisturizing

Almond Oil – nourishes skin with vitamin A

Grapeseed Oil – preservative with properties to reduce scars, moisturizing,

naturally occuring Vitamin E

Flax Seed Oil – skin balance with essential fatty acids

Lemon Oil – softens and brightens

Lime Oil – purifying, minimize skin discolorations

Dulse  – antioxidant and vitamins B6, B12, C, E, and A.

Brown Sugar – gentle exfoliation with natural alpha-hydroxy acid

Ginger – increase circulation

Green Tea – antioxidant

Vitamin E – preservative with hundreds of healing properties